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When you decide to invest in your own website with us, you will first need to provide us with the content information you would like on your site and choose what images you would like on it. £650 including free hosting for a year.


Send your us  the contact details, images, trades, key words and areas covered for your new tradesman website.

We will then review the content of the information, ask questions, clarify your vision for the site and define success for your new website.

Information you will need to provide to us:

Your basic info

Your full Name.

Your Trading Name, if different.

Your domain name (we can assist).

Your logo (jpg or png) – if you have one.

Your current email: this is for contact between us – I suggest we set up a new business email account with your website to keep business and personal separate.

Contact details; Telephone – Home &/or Business and Telephone – Mobile. You can decide how you want these displayed on your site (or not).

5 Main locations that you cover.

Your business address if you want it to appear on your site.

Information about your business and services

Customers will search for you on a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo etc. and it is very important that the keywords they will use to find you are all included in the description appearing on the first page of your website so that your site will hopefully come up.

This site is your business card on the net, so it’s essential that all your services are listed, along with how to contact and find you.

Information you will need to have at hand includes:

  • ➤ An introductory paragraph or page about you and what you do.
  • ➤ Details about your services.
  • ➤ A price list, if applicable.
  • ➤ All your professional qualifications, credentials, certificates, registrations etc.
  • ➤ Digital copies of your logo and photographs you would like included on your site (see below).
  • ➤ Essential information you would like to share with you potential customers, for example, free advice and guidance. This effectively reveals to visitors that you really know your business.


Photographs make all the difference to a website, they are eye catching, make it interesting and break up the text.

We will ask you to choose at least two or three relevant pictures that represent your business and we will optimise them for fast web viewing.

Don’t worry if you don’t currently have any photos, I will advise you on how to get them. These days most people can take great photos with their phone. Alternatively we have select images available that we can use. Original photographs are always best, but not essential.


Do you already have some satisfied customers who would be happy to write a paragraph for you, sign their name to it, we will be happy to include a testimonials page for you.

If you don’t have these they can always be added at a later date.

How long will it take?

Fully Customised Tradesmans website designed, installed and tested only £650 with free website hosting for 1 year.

£325 mandatory deposit, balance of £325 by bank transfer on completion. estimated time 14 days

Once you have placed your order, paid your deposit we will give you an agreed start date AND estimated completion date.

Make sure that you have given us all the necessary information and pictures, we will endeavour to have your website completed within 14 days.

Realistically, new wordpress responsive websites are seldom fully functioning in less than 14 days, however it is very much driven by you and how fast you send the requested information to us; we will then complete your website.

Please order your new tradesman website by clicking the ‘ORDER’ link below.


Thank You

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